Ana Tijoux


Born in France with Roots in Chile Ana Tijoux became one of the most respected female MCs. Her album „1977“ that harkened back to the 90s and the golden age of intellectual hiphop; ended up at the top of the “Best-of” lists of Amazon, Billboard, and iTunes. Today Tijoux can be seen as a cultural symbol of the modern Latin America. Using a scintillating panpipe melody drops over boombox beats, Tijoux is creating a powerful new dynamic which is merging Andean tradition with contemporary hip hop. Her shows are a whirlwind trip through hip-hop, jazz, and funk. Her rhymes establish statement of who she is and what her music stands for ; well-versed in the art of protest music addressing social issues, which has made audiences around the globe fall in love with her. Definitely a Live Show not to be missed!


»Rapping in Spanish with precise enunciation, unerring rhythm, and tremendous flow, with a melodic sense that connects her rapping to her singing, the French/Chilean MC Ana Tijoux is nothing less than a Latin American Lauryn Hill.« Rolling Stone

»Tijoux’s musical evolution has been mesmerizing because it’s so real: She follows no formulas or marketing equations, and every album feels like it narrates a moment in her life.« NPR

MORE INFO: soundcloud | facebook 



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