Anthony Joseph


Anthony Joseph on stage is a unique experience, halfway between Sun Ra, Gill Scott Heron, the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari and the Last Poets. Spoken word or Slam doesn’t really define the sensibility of this true cosmic poet coming from Trinidad, “chanted word” is more appropriate.  Set up in London since the late 80’s, he is a real phenomenon sailing through different musical universes. This teacher, musician, novelist, and rapper offers unique live performances, drown by a solid Funk groove and a lot of musical improvisations giving a Free Jazz atmosphere. His conscious flow his guided by the Caribbean Voodoo.


»In a Voodoo Funk style, with a hypnotic Spoken word, Anthony Joseph and his Spasm band play the card of the musical and literary bewitchment.« Liberation 

»His lyrics are a mix of African mythology and science-fiction.« Le Nouvel Observateur

MORE INFO: web | facebook | soundcloud




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