Como Asesinar a Felipes


Como Asesinar a Felipes are among the best and brightest from the current musical explosion taking place in Chile. Formed in Santiago in 2006, they are a five-piece unit that draws from an eclectic range of hip hop, rock, classical and jazz, interpreted through a signature that is uniquely their own: saturated, technicolor hues of sound painted on a dark psychedelic canvass, against a backdrop of post-Pinochet Chile.

Since their inception 10 years ago, they’ve put out 5 albums, complemented by tours in their native country, as well as Latin America and the United States. Currently they have just finished recording of their next offering (once again with Faith No More’s Billy Gould at his Estudios Koolarrow in California) planning for worldwide release and touring scheduled for a European Premier in the Summer of 2017.

Como Asesinar a Felipes is a living, breathing ensemble, well known for their exciting live performances (having opened Faith No More’s past South-American tour). They drag their influences back into the street; all the while remaining characteristically Latin. It’s as forward thinking and progressive as anything coming out … from anywhere.

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