Dom La Nena


Just shy of her 25th birthday, Brazilian cellist and songwriter Dominique Pinto has learned to live in motion. Born in the coastal city of Porto Alegre, she spent her childhood split between her hometown and Paris, studying cello and piano while her father pursued his doctorate. And as music developed from a passion to a career, her studies brought her to the doorstep of acclaimed American cellist Christine Walevska, who had lived in Buenos Aires for many years before returning to New York City. Dom moved to Buenos Aires at the age of 13, and whenever Christine visited they would get together for intensive teaching sessions. It was in Argentina that her older peers dubbed her “La Nena” (“little one”), a nickname that has followed her since.


»She joins the sonority of whispers that includes singers like Juana Molina, Hope Sandoval and Jane Birkin« The New York Times

»Dom La Nena sings barely above a whisper though her melodies can penetrate the darkest heart« KCRW




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