Ernest Ranglin and Friends

Ernest Ranglin and Friends (Cheikh Lo – Tony Allen – Courtney Pine – Ira Coleman – Alex Wilson)


Born in 1932, virtuoso guitarist Ernest Ranglin is one of the godfathers of Jamaican popular music, leading to Rock Steady, Reggae and Ska. Now, after almost sixty years of recording and touring, Ernest Ranglin wanted to say goodbye to the stage and to his fans. And certainly he will be accompanied by some of the finest personalities in contemporary World and Jazz music. No less than the personification of Afrobeat, drummer Tony Allen, the so called ‘saviour of British jazz’ sax-man Courtney Pine, as well the upcoming trailblazer on bass, Ira Coleman will join Ranglin on the tour. Also on board is the 2015 Womex Award winner and Senegal Sufi singer Cheikh Lo and furthermore the formidable jazz piano player Alex Wilson, who is best known for his enormous technical abilities. To see and listen to just one of these great musicians and their exceptional talents live on stage, is already a veritable feast for the insider and admirer. To experience all of them together in one line up, means nothing less than a musical “royal jelly”


»Ranglin is playing bursts with invention and risk« Rolling Stone

»There aren’t many individuals who can lay claim to playing an essential role in revolutionising the music of an entire nation…« Guitar Buyer





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