Metá Metá


Metá Metá are respected Sao Paulo musicians Thiago França (saxophone), Kiko Dinucci (guitar/vocals), Juçara Marçal (vocals), Marcelo Cabral (bass) and Sergio Machado (drums). This band has plumbed the depths of the Brazilian underground scene, explored the Afro-Brazilian cultural double-bond and penetrated a hidden mystical background to dig out an original generis sound. In order to this they are already praised as “inventors for the new-music scene in Brazil” by Afrobeat star Tony Allen. Followed by a jaunty dash of African-inspired jazz-funk and a frantic burst of post-punk revivalism they are celebrating a range of noise to be-bop and ambient, from Sun Ra to the Stooges or Coltrane. On Stage this Sao Paulo origins are truly exiting.


»An extraordinary style – the music echoes everything from punk rock to freeform jazz and samba.« The Guardian

»Metá Metá are a raucous trio intent on shattering images of Brazilian music.« The Wire



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