Nicola Conte


Nicola Conte fully impersonates the character of the “new musician” which embraces also those cultures which have been developing in the last twenty years: the experiences of the Dj’s and the aesthetics in the electronic music. We found ourselves in front of new horizons which are sometimes distant from those most traditional ones the composers and interpreters belong to, but which fulfil their identity.
This being both a producer and an artist, a director and an actor, a purchaser and an artisan, is a “Renaissance” way of being a musician: as if he were in an art shop, where he can create freely and give birth to another style. Listening to “Rituals” you feel Conte’s personality through the words of his lyrics, which have been refined with care and passion before having been recorded; through the voices called to sing, who have been chosen depending on the similarities with the pieces they should perform; through the rooms given to the musicians, who are among the most talented cultured Italian musicians. We’re talking about a project, not only about a record.

During an interview I was asked for my personal opinion about Nicola Conte. I answered instinctively: “a gentleman”. This word of other times encloses maybe an imaginary which well represents both Nicola’s music and personality: the measure and the consciousness which contribute to the creation of a project, the seriousness and the care which pursue a shape. That seriousness sometimes digresses in the formalism, but it more often demonstrates a great love for music, of a non transitory essence owned by such big cultures like jazz.

“Rituals” confirms and develops these fundamentals: Nicola Conte uses an international language to communicate a kind of greatness the world is going to lose and Italy is historically an expert in.
I’m talking about the “Grace”.


»Acid Jazz that incorporates Bossa Nova and Easy Listening themes. Italian jazz innovator and eclectic champion of all things stylish and laid back, Nicola Conte is a recommendation in itself.« BBC Music




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