Susana Baca


For decades, Susana Baca has represented Peruvian music to the world, with an artistic approach that makes it totally modern. From her beginnings, growing up in a servant’s alley in Lima, Peru, to her current status as an internationally – known diva of song, it’s been an inspiring and unlikely journey. Baca is also an expansive artist. She’s covered tunes by Caetano Veloso, Björk, and dozens of Cuban artists. Baca infuses every song and style with her own understated elegance, adding elements of son, cumbia, plena, son jarocho, and other types of music to her own Afro-Peruvian style; and her band breathes with her. With their defining timbres they keep it rooted in Perú while adjusting the latitude of the rhythm and the harmony to wherever Susana Baca goes and whatever guests she brings along.


»“Known for her expressing singing and barefoot dancing, Susana to date, has released eight studio albums and even bagging a Latin Grammy Award under the category of Best Folk Album.”« The Straight Times

»You might say that Susana Baca’s music catalog is the world’s most beautiful, and funkiest, history lesson« Breath of Live




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